Unique Surnames, by count, in the NGFS Database


Surnames (A-E) Surnames (F-J) Surnames (K-O) Surnames (P-T) Surnames (U-Z)
Abbott through Ayres Faber through Furr Kaelin through Kyle Pace through Pyle Ulloa through Utterback
B through Byrd Gable through Gwin L through Lytle Qualls through Quisenberry

Vale through Vowels

C through Cutter

Haas through Hynson

M through Myers Radmacher through Ryans

Wachtel through Wysor

Dabney through Dyson Iglehart through Ishmael Nail through Nutting Sabins through Symmes

Yancey through Yount

Eads through Ewing Jackson through Justus O'Bannon through Oyler Tabb through Tyson Zdunczyk through Zulpo

Note:  Total of count of surnames does not equal total number of individuals in the NGFS database due to some surnames not identified for spouses.

updated - GMB 06/16/07